Why Professional Carpet Cleaners Rely On Shampoo Cleaning

In Singapore, several commercial cleaning companies opt for carpet shampoo to professionally clean carpets. The shampoo is specially formulated and a shampoo machine that produces thicker foam before it is scuffed or vacuumed. Using water-based shampoos, these machines remove the grease and deeply embedded dirt from your carpet in smaller chunks without harming its delicate fabric. But following are some reasons why some people are afraid to send their carpets to the cleaned with shampoos. These reasons are baseless, but we can explain the history behind

1. Natural is Better than Synthetic

Many people still believe that using ingredients like baking soda or lemon is gentler and more organic than using chemicals. The history lies in nostalgia and people are afraid of trying new methods. However, if we do some research on the chemical formulation of these shampoos we will find out that raw chemicals from lemons and other natural components are far more harmful than those found in synthetic shampoos. During the preparation of these shampoos, intensive research is conducted to remove harmful elements and only harmless and gentler chemicals are used to prepare those shampoos.

2. Heavy Machinery Can Shrink the Carpet

There is a stereotype that steaming your carpet can shrink the fibers and ruin it. But this is not true. The steaming method of companies is not wrong, but if you try it at home or find some cheap, unprofessional person to do it for you, you may suffer. Furthermore, carpets are not made delicately to not withstand the pressure of general cleaning gadgets. However, even if you have the right gadget but you do not use it correctly your carpet’s life will surely be compromised.

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