Why It Can Be Risky To Pull Out Of International School

If your child is currently studying in an international school in Singapore, you’ve made a great decision. However, you might be thinking of pulling your child out due to the high tuition fees for the said school.

If that thought has crossed your mind, then think twice because that decision could turn disastrous if you decide to pull your child out from the international school.

Here are the following reasons why you shouldn’t do so.

  • It will make your child uncomfortable – since they might be going from an exclusive school with plenty of facilities to a public one with close to no facilities, you can expect that they will feel uncomfortable transferring over. Losing the comfort that one has grown accustomed to can make one extremely upset and unwilling—and that feeling will be directed towards you since you’re the one responsible for it.
  • Risks are greater than reward – the only reward that you will get is you will save a lot of money. However, the risks are significantly greater as they will be exposed to a new environment which they are not used to which can compromise their grades. It is also known that international schools allow students to study the globally recognized International Baccalaureate subjects that are extremely beneficial in enhancing the child’s learning.
  • Emotional stress – since they already have friends for sure in their former international school, they will be exposed to new type personalities of students. If you’re enrolling them into a local school, even the culture may be different. Don’t underestimate how different local schools are from international ones.
  • Losing the opportunity for further education – As an expat, you might always have to be ready to move to other countries on short notice. If you pull your child out of his/her IB world school, you’re depriving them of the chance to take the IB diploma programme or the IB primary years programme—both of which being recognized qualifications by educational institutes all around the world. This means you would be taking away the opportunity for them to pursue further education abroad, in the event that you need to move again.

So, if you want your child to be successful, you have to sacrifice a little bit more as quality comes at a price. The takeaway here is that you should not hold back on investing a little more money on your child’s education as it could affect them significantly in the future.

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