Why Customised Gifts Are The Best For Corporate Gifting

To be a successful business owner, it can take years of hard work, determination and unwavering passion. Aside from grooming your business to accomplishment, you’re also doing your best to make it attractive enough for potential investors. Perhaps, that’s why the art of giving corporate gifts in Singapore is an essential part of the business.

Apart from genuinely conveying your appreciation, corporate gifts can add a human touch – especially when it’s personalised. As cliché as this may seem, it’s better to give than to receive. Anytime you give a gift that comes from the bottom of your heart, you might end up gaining more intrinsic rewards in return. And an excellent way to show your utmost appreciation is by personalising the gift!

1. It can form meaningful relationships through personal touch

From the packaging to the message, your corporate gift should show that you put a lot of thought into the gift. Aside from including unique prints on the item, attaching a handwritten note can go a long way. Even a simple “thank you” can have a positive effect on your employees and clients, as it affirms your acknowledgement for their hard work and loyalty.

As action speaks louder than words, this reflects your sincerity and willingness to dedicate a reasonable amount of time into personalising the gift. In turn, it’ll enhance your business partnerships on a more personal level.

2. It promotes an excellent reputation for your business

As mentioned earlier, forming meaningful relationships translates into building a good image of your company to your clients and customers. This could be because people generally tend to remember the good things that happen to them, and customised corporate gifts are no exception.

Items like mugs and computer accessories have made their way to the list of cool corporate gifts, which is no surprise since they’re highly practical. However, you also have the option to branch out to other gift ideas so that your gift stands out! For example, if you’re giving gifts to top executives from your client’s company, find out more about their interests and customise relevant photographs on the item.

When you take their interests into consideration by incorporating it into your design, it speaks volumes about your character too – leaving a good reputation for your business.

3. It boosts brand recognition

Other than to show our appreciation and create goodwill, among others, corporate gifts can raise brand awareness and recognition. For example, inserting your logo on a corporate pen can remind the user and the people around them of your brand every time they use it.

4. It helps you stand out from your competitors

The creative liberty that comes with customised corporate gifts lets you have a say in the outcome. As such, you can incorporate eye-catching graphics and impactful copy to create a lasting impression on the receiver’s mind while setting yourself apart from your competitors.

For instance, you have the opportunity to hop on the latest design ideas for your company pin badges such that the pins stand out while aligning with your company values. Or, you can even hop on the canvas tote bag bandwagon and experiment with different printing methods and designs.


If you want to get started on customising your corporate gifts, We are here to help you. You can collaborate with our in-house designers to come up with impressionable designs that align with your company. Browse for your preferred gift through our online catalogue and contact us for any questions.

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