What Are The Fields To Choose From As A Physics Graduate

Basic sciences are extremely important to understand the various natural phenomena. And one such field would be Physics – it allows us to interact with nature and natural elements.

While many students opt for this subject at school level, most of them find it rather difficult. This may be because of the mathematical and theoretical nature of this subject. However, if students can get their concept clarified with the help of a good Physics tuition centre, there is no limit to how much they can excel in their career.

What’s more, if you take a closer look at the numerous career possibilities after obtaining a Physics degree – you’ll notice that there are many options. And we’ll be showing you some of them below!

Industry and engineering

Because Physics graduates are trained to work with machines, predict their behaviour and make them work efficiently, a career in manufacturing processes and production is a great match for Physics graduates. Here, they can contribute to improving current processes, facilitate production and increase the efficiency of any production unit.

Astronomy and space studies

With humans ever-increasing interest in astronomical bodies and space, a Physics degree can get you closer to studying these aspects. As a Physics graduate, you will be able to contribute to astronomy research, research pertaining to observatories and planetariums, and operating radio controlled telescopes. There are also great chances to be involved in projects of national importance – such as sending satellites to space, defence applications, and studying life in outer space.

Careers in healthcare sector

With the advent of technology that harnesses the properties of sub-atomic particles, physicists are able to work side by side healthcare professionals. For example, they are able to develop new medical technologies and devices, review current ones, and propose modifications that increase the efficiency of these devices and procedures. In fact, many inter-disciplinary subjects like biophysics have emerged at college level, and any student can garner a better understanding of these fields by enrolling for an expert Physics tutor, for example, H2 Physics tuition.

Energy generation and utilisation

The scarcity of energy sources is a burning problem that we are facing today. A Physics degree will allow you to contribute to solving this problem by finding alternative sources of energy, developing machines and devices that harness the existing energy sources more efficiently, developing clean energy sources and so on.

Involvement in technological applications

Machines are taking over many processes and procedures, and doing them better. For example, robotics and nanotechnology are two fields that have seen a huge leap in technological advancement. Skilled and trained Physics professionals are much in demand for these fields that find multiple use in industries like healthcare, research, energy and many more.

Geology and environmental sciences

Climate change and increased frequency of natural disasters have created a need of physicists in the field of geology and environmental sciences. Thanks to their basic understanding of natural phenomena – they are able to understand the fine ways in which the Earth functions. For instance, plate movements that result in earthquakes, air pressure changes that result in cyclones, and global warming that results in melting of polar ice caps.

These are just some of the many possibilities that a Physics graduate can choose from. Thus, students should try to overcome their fear of this subject and strengthen their understanding by enrolling for a private physics tuition.

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