The 4 Functions Of Product Packaging In Your Marketing

What are the reasons you choose to buy a particular brand of product over another? Some may say price, while others may believe that specific brands have certain practical features they prefer. However, one subliminal tactic that companies use to win consumers over is also through their marketing methods – and yes, that includes product packaging.

The next time you find yourself in a dilemma over which shampoo brand to buy, for example, you might notice yourself judging the brands over their bottle colour, fonts, shape, and more. Certain designs just scream luxury, while others just look more economical.

Here are some more reasons why product packaging is one thing you shouldn’t overlook in your marketing strategy:

Increases brand recognisability

Powerful branding allows consumers to recognise your brand at a glance. Just think of IKEA’s iconic blue and yellow scheme and their iconic sans serif typography – even without the brand name in sight, you’ll probably know its them.

Strong product packaging design should do the same for your brand. The most recognisable elements are colour and fonts, which you should make coherent with your other brand visuals.

Communicates brand values

If you’re a new business or launching a new line of products, product packaging might very well be your first stab at making an impression. Make it count! Packaging design has the ability to communicate what your brand stands for.

Want to convey a young, vibrant brand image? Strong colours like orange or electric blue might do the trick. What about a more mature, upmarket feel? Going minimalist with elegant colours like black, gold, and silver might be just what you need.

Influence purchase choice

Ever been in the queue to the check-out counter with everything you need to buy, only to have a product catch your eye right in front of you? Chances are, its packaging successfully caught your attention.

When products are placed amongst countless rows of other items, it boils down to your product packaging to make sure your brand doesn’t go unnoticed. Effective packaging can even elicit consumers to impulse buy – you’re probably not the only one who’s ever bought a beverage just because the bottle ‘looks pretty’.

Long-lasting and cost-effective

Successful marketing campaigns may make their run for a few months, and then people remember it forever. But they also cost quite a lot to execute. Product packaging, on the other hand, remains as a face to your brand for as long as your products are around, and they are super affordable!

Most likely, your product will need some product packaging, anyway. So, you essentially don’t need to spend any more to make good use of your packaging to make an impact. Free marketing, anyone?

All these reasons goes to show that product packaging is super important in advertising your product. If you haven’t put much thought into your company’s product packaging, perhaps it’s time to do so. We offer customisation and mass production for various types of box packaging, which you can use for your products.

Looking for other ways to market your brand? We also design custom tissue packs and corporate pens with logo for companies in Singapore or around the world. Contact us for a quote today!

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