Reasons Why Drums Are Used In African American Culture

While funerals are different in each culture, there are different rituals in each. In the African culture, drums represent life and more specifically heartbeats. Similarly, some Hindu culture the corporate drum beats with the funeral ceremonies. While the African American community’s culture has its roots deep in their African ancestry. Today many of the Christian members of American Africans incorporate the use of drums at their ceremonies;

The cultural roots

In the African culture, economics is a lateral object compare with the social positions in each tribe. Every community member was responsible to work together as hunters and help to raise children. African male children learn drum lessons from a young age; these drums were the beat of life in their birth ceremonies, funerals, weddings and other special days.

African American ritual

Depending on the social position of passed away individuals, the rites of funeral varied. A priest handles the ritual while reciting to the ancestral forefathers of their tribe. These ceremonies usually took many days. Drumming is an important part of these rituals; there are singing, dancing along with it.

The ritual continues to the place of funeral accompanied by drummers and dancers. Some African Americans wish to return the body of the diseases back to the motherland.

Indian ceremonies

Some branches of Hindu religion are south India following the same ritual; They follow their deceased to the sacred pyre by dancers and drummers.


Drumming holds less significance in today’s’ culture. Although it the beating heart of African American ceremonies. You can also sign up for vocal training lessons if you would like to learn it with drums.

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