Laser Hair Removal Treatment: Why It Is Not For You

Laser hair removal has been proven time and time again that it works – but not everyone sees the same results. In some cases, the reverse happens – and hair grows instead (YIKES!)

Theoretically, you should be noticing your hairs grow out at a much slower rate, and even if they do, are significantly thinner and lighter than before – with bigger improvements the more sessions you attend.

if you suspect that something has gone wrong somewhere – below are 5 reasons why you might not be getting the most out of your treatment:

#1: You have a darker skin tone.

By now, you should be familiar that not all lasers work the same.

In the case of IPL hair removal, people with darker skin tones may not see optimal results; since the laser is highly dependent on the color contrast between the hairs and skin. This is also why IPL doesn’t work as well as SHR technology in destroying fine hairs, including those found on the face.

IPL can also lead to pigmentation issues down the line, which is why laser hair removal has gotten such a bad rap over the years.

However, our advanced SHR machines are able to work on all skin types, and is able to work harder, faster and more accurately without causing any significant side effects – which is why we are confident in its ability to achieve our customers’ hair-free dreams!

#2: You might have an underlying condition.

Unfortunately, laser hair removal may not be the best solution for those who have underlying medical conditions such as PCOS – a hormonal issue that requires immediate treatment.

Since hormones are the main drivers behind hair growth – any imbalances can make hairs more stubborn and resistant to any hair removal treatment.

Even though it is still possible to see hair reduction with PCOS – you probably need more treatments than the average person – the next best step is to get advice from a specialist to evaluate your options.

#3: You aren’t working with an experienced specialist.

Unfortunately, many customers often end up picking the cheapest option, only to get subpar results in return.

Laser systems such as SHR are customizable to each individual, which means you need to choose a specialist who knows which settings will work best for you – set it too low and you don’t see results, set it too high and it could lead to scars and burns.

Especially when working on sensitives areas like Brazilian hair removal, this factor alone can completely change the outcome of your treatment.

If you are afraid of experiencing side effects, get our specialists to conduct a patch test before starting your treatment!

#4: Your expectations aren’t realistic.

Remember: hair reduction and NOT hair removal.

Ideally, you should notice your hairs falling naturally in 1 – 2 weeks after each session, with more noticeable results by the 3rd session. If nothing is happening after a period of time, you should turn to your specialist to ask questions and ask them for advice.

Larger areas that have a higher density of hairs generally take more sessions – for example, your bikini laser hair removal results may differ from those seen in your facial hair removal treatment.

Going through menopause and pregnancy can also lead to hair regrowth, so just be mindful and don’t be quick to dismiss your laser hair removal treatment immediately.

#5: You are still tweezing, shaving, and waxing on a regular basis.

We know you can’t wait to be hair-free, and the in-between sessions can be annoying – but continuing to tweeze, shave and wax regularly while undergoing SHR treatments can impact your results, since the machine needs the hair follicle to be present in order to destroy it.

Stick to the treatment schedule that is recommended to you, and try to only shave a day before your appointment. Other than that, ditch the razors altogether!

In reality, there are a small handful of people who are not ideal candidates for laser hair removal. This is why we always recommend that you seek a specialist who is able to accurately assess your skin tone, type, and needs – using the most advanced laser system to eliminate those pesky hairs for good.

If you want to maximize your results, get our friendly and well-trained specialists to perform the best hair removal treatment for you – call us now to book your first consultation!

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