How To Survive As A New International School Teacher

So you have arrived in Singapore to start your new job as an international school Singapore teacher. For sure, you are awash with emotions, excitement, and an overwhelming feeling about what lies ahead. To help you, check out the following tips to help you settle at your new Singapore international secondary school.

1. Get proactive

One of the first things you can do is ask the school if they can connect you with a teacher who was most recently employed. That teacher was in your shoes recently and will surely have pointers on how to get started. They’ll have valuable advice, proffer answers to your questions and address some of your concerns.

2. Be social

You need to socialize with your fellow teachers at your new Singapore international secondary school. Attend social events, get to know them, and be open to making as many friends as you can.

3. Join the Expat community

Singapore has a thriving expat community, and this will be an excellent way to get welcomed to the city. Attend events and activities. Socialize with them and expand your social circle even though you are new to the city.

4. Interact with the locals

Interacting with the locals will help you blend into your new neighborhood, understand the culture and lifestyle as well as acquire some language skills. You will also know the places to get the best things in the city with the help of the locals.

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