4 Reasons Why Flowers Are Gifts Apt For Every Occasion

The art of gifting flowers is something that has been practised and encouraged in almost every culture, all around the globe. Traditionally, when a man gives a woman flowers, it is to express his interest and affection. However, the meaning behind gifting flowers has extended beyond simply romance. People now give flowers to their loved ones to commemorate or celebrate a special event, whether it is Mother’s day, a birthday, an anniversary or even during graduation day.

Personalising a bouquet by specially arranging them, and choosing the type of bloom and colour, all work hand in hand to convey multiple messages. Beautiful flowers also serve as instant mood lifters! Here’s why flowers make the perfect gift for every occasion!

Instant joy

Receiving and giving flowers is one of the best feelings where you will feel immediate happiness. The instant sense of joy flowers can provide is reflected on someone’s face: a broad smile, expressing gratitude and genuine delight. Celebrating a special occasion calls for emotions like extreme contentment, and this is where flowers come in!

Optimism comes in too when happiness is present! Research has proven that flowers have the ability to make people feel less sorrowful and lonely, making flowers the perfect gift when someone’s enraged, depressed and anxious. This bright impact flowers have on one’s mood is amazing. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that gifting flowers is one of the best decisions you can make!

To convey emotions

Via decades of research and culturally inspired mythologies, it has been said that gifting flowers is one of the best ways of conveying emotions. Generally, flowers symbolise love and care, but they can be further interpreted and tailored for any occasion. They have the most incredible ability to convey and communicate sentiments, spanning happiness, affection, sympathy, romance or even apologies.

Personalising a flower bouquet by choosing its colour, type of bloom and how it’s arranged can express the emotions from the sender to the receiver. Through a personalised bouquet, it shows the recipient the level of attention and care paid to understand how they feel. It is, therefore, no doubt that flowers can connect, serving as powerful conveyors.

Pleasing to the eye

Flowers are a remarkable attraction to any space, brightening the room up with positive feelings of happiness and joy. Adding flowers to your workspace or home can boost productivity and improve your mental wellbeing by clearing your mind, promoting a happier and healthier environment. Aside from fresh flowers, dried flowers can also be aesthetically pleasing!


In this day and age, together with accessibility and convenience, gifting flowers is easy. With the wide variety of florists in Singapore going digital, opting for flower delivery is much more convenient. Entrust them with your floral needs, whether it is for a graduation, birthday flower delivery or more.


Even though there are many gift ideas out there for every occasion, one thing remains as a universal present: flowers. You can’t go wrong with flowers! If you are not sure what your ideal flower bouquet should consist of, contact a florist for your personalised delivery in Singapore today. Here’s a tip: Most of the time, scented candles go well with flowers too!

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