3 Different Industrial Sliding Door Types To Get

The door market is meaningful with the recent trend tending towards the sliding doors. These types are opened just by sliding them horizontally and are often either mounted or suspended from a rack.

A  recent research revealed that the sliding doors market grew percent in  2016,  and by anticipation,  it will hit four percent every year.  This trend exists because customers, both residences and industries alike, are demanding for big and expansive doors.

If you are considering industrial sliding doors in Singapore, perhaps here are three of the best you can get.

Ball-Bearing Rollers

Maybe you want to ensure your sliding door to be noiseless when you open it, rather than disturbing the whole building. If so, then the ideal model should be doors with ball-bearing rollers. It is quite remarkable how quiet some of these sliding doors can be when they are designed with the right technology. Ball-bearers will muffle the sound, making the door feel very natural to use.

Tempered Glass

This is one significant entry for the very durable category. Getting a tempered glass door is one of the best investments you will ever make. You surely do not want a beautiful-on-the-outside glass door that is weak on the inside. Tempered glass stands the test of time, more than most glasses. So no need to worry about it breaking anytime soon – probably never.

Barn Doors

A barn door is, at the least, one of the most enduring images of a sliding door. If you were brought up in a suburb, then you possibly know what a barn looks look like and be intimately familiar with how many barn doors slide open. While there are different types, barn doors’ most popular brands in these times are the sliding models. It is easy to install and will fit perfectly into any barn-related workplace.